Trail Overview

Have you ever been to a marble quarry? It is bedazzling, a sight that leaves you filled with awe and admiration! More so is the Ruskeala marble quarry, a gem of the Republic of Karelia, the area to the North from Saint Petersburg that borders on Finland. 

The magnificent landscape was formed almost 8000 years ago, thanks to the huge glacier that used to be here during the Ice Age! 

The first quarry mining was started here in mid XVII century by the Swedes and by the XVIII century, it was already under the Russian rule. 

Today, the park is a renowned hiking place, turning into a snowy fairytale during winter, and a perfect getaway in summer. Here one even comes across waterfalls that don’t freeze even at -5C! 

If your feet ever find their way to this stunning quarry, we recommend you to try the home-made food at a local church and do some husky riding.


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