We intend to welcome speakers from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the people, places, food, culture, history, geology, architecture and everything else around the world via the medium of a Travel Story. We strongly believe in the power of Travelogues and are certain that they would help change the way people perceive travel.

Our Goal is to get together worlds most inspired people who love to travel and a community of curious souls to engage with the ideas and interact with each other thus leading a fusion of amazing ideas. Through this initiative, we intend to lend people with ideas and stories rather than just a travel book describing a place. We also intend to challenge the stereotypes and prejudice through dialogues and have a forum where difficult questions are asked and answered.

Safarnama Courtyard typically has below structure :

  • 3 Travellers with Travel Stories
  • 1 Poet with Travel Poetry
  • 1 Travel Themed Music Band - Unplugged

Ideal Time : 06 - 08 PM

The event is kept to "invites" which typically include Soul travelling regular customers and their +1s, and also the once invited by the venue owners wherever we intend to host :). Expected capacity is of 40-50 people.

We are very grateful for the collaboration with Carpe Diem , Majorda for the Fist even Edition of Safarnama Courtyard.