How It All Began

Soul Travelling (Untraced Paths Travellers LLP) specializes in offbeat tourism. We plan to change the way people perceive travel and while doing so, break the myth of the notoriously popular concept of what Goa is and instead give them some of the most local experiences steeped in history and true Goan flavor. 
In that way, we aim to change the stereotypes associated with Goa and how Goans look at their home. Our initial focus area is Goa with future global expansion plans. To be acquainted with a place and having pride in it, knowing it well is important. We believe that the best way to learn about the culture, the stories, and the history of a place is to walk through it. We've realized that today's youth are losing touch with their cities, villages, and towns. Our purpose is to connect places with the people, and to give them an experience they will never forget.


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