Gather all travel enthusiasts for Safarnama, an event curated specifically for those who seek to share and share the interest in seeking all forms of art. Safarnama bring together people of all backgrounds, of all kinds of fields, with their poems, photographs, anecdotes, and performances whether music, dance or song, everything gets lent an ear. Come present to us your travel stories, something that struck a chord in your heart or made a bad experience worth it. 

Safarnama has already completed 5 Editions at prestigious locations - Carpe Diem ( Majorda ), Rumi ( Taleigao ) , Azaya Resort ( Benaulim ) , Sadhana Dell'Arte ( Merces ) and Postcard Hotel ( Cuelim ) and Postcard Hotel (Cuelim).


About Current Venue : Thinkering Goa

 Thinkering Goa is one of the community spaces in Goa built around critical thinking and is aimed at mostly developing our leaders of tomorrow. Its philosophy is based on the 4 pillars of learning that are documented by the UNESCO: Learning to KNOW, BE, DO, and to LIVE TOGETHER. They have plenty of workshops for children, but they also liaison with businesses, artists, non-profits to hone developmental skills. Their workshops are designed for a diverse interest group ranging from creative writing to practical science to architecture. Learning is a major part of their offerings and an alternate way of doing it is what drives the group.

Takshila Centre, 273, Nachinola Bardez, Goa, 40352

3 Hours Available on request Nachinola, Goa
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