Trail Overview

Velha Goa: The City in History will dive into influences that shape the identity of  the city that was at the heart of Goa, India and possibly Asia in the early 16th century. The focus will be on an area which we now call "Old Goa", a city which evolved from a Deccani sea-fort of Ela to the epi-centre of trade in the Indian Ocean!  The arguments will be corroborated with maps and evidence referenced by a few of the buildings that still remain. By understanding the socio-political context to the spaces we still see today -- the session hopes to illustrate the rich history of the city once known as Ela,  and prospect on approaches to preservation of heritage in the midst of growing cities. 

Tahir Noronha is a young architect who works with the Charles Correa Foundation in Goa. Most of his experience has been in design to conserve heritage, both natural and built. Tahir’s areas of interest are social work, planning and public policy.

1 Hour 40 Minutes Available on request Goa
What's on Us and What's on You!

What is included in the tour

  • 100 Minutes Session on 'Velha Goa : The City in History'
  • A/V Presentation followed by discussion with the speaker
What makes this tour special
  • Cultural and Historic Development of Goa and the City of Velha Goa in Particular
  •  One of the only cities in Goa to have experienced the entire duration of 451-years of Portuguese rule.
  • A City with population comparable to that of London and Lisbon at its peak
  • The fall of the city
Meeting Point
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