Trail Overview

Join us as we discuss about the founding of Pataliputra, which served as capital of the biggest empire ancient India has seen and it's importance in science and mythology. The session will also  explore the subsequent decline in glory and a path of decadence with some glimmer of hope for the future.

Abhishek Pandey is  a small town boy with keen interest in history and culture, following the herd with an engineering and MBA. His life is a dichotomy just like past and present of the city of Patna about which he will talk about. 

1 Hour 40 Minutes Available on request Patna, Bihar
What's on Us and What's on You!

What is included in the tour

  • 100 Minutes Session on 'The First Republic : Rise and Fall of Patna'
  • A/V Presentation followed by discussion with the speaker
Meeting Point
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