Trail Overview

The festival of Mussol Khel is very unique to Chandor. This is probably the only place in the entire world where a festival of this kind takes place.  The festival takes place on the First Monday after Carnival begins, and the villagers dress up in their ancestral clothes and symbolise their Khsatriya Ancestry,  After invoking the Spirit of King Harihara, they go around to each house of the village dancing, singing and banging their Mussol on the ground.

For this experience, Soul Travelling takes you behind the scenes of this beautiful festival - meeting participants, exploring the village and singing the Mussol Song. Come, join us and explore this village and this unique festival of Goa.



Please note: You would require your own transportation for this experience and it will NOT be provided by Soul Travelling.

3 Hours Available on request Cavorim, Goa
What's on Us and What's on You!

What is included in the tour

  • A village tour of Chandor
  • A visit to a Goan Mansion
  • Meeting the people involved in Mussol Khel
  • Participating in the pre-festivities
  • A visit to what could possibly be the first Mussol Khel start point!
  • Story about the Curse of Chandor
  • Learning some Mussol Khel chants and joining the villagers in singing
  • A chapel with a very interesting history
  • Goan Snacks
  • First Aid

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Any meals not mentioned in the above inclusions
  • Transportation
  • Any inclusions other than the ones mentioned above.
  • Bottled Water
What makes this tour special
  • The Story of Mussol Khel
  • Access to pre-festive traditions 
  • Interacting with generations of local participants 
  • Delicious Goan snacks to munch on!
  • A village tour to enjoy a festive vibe
  • A complete celebration of the festival, just like locals do
Pickup point
Flames, Igorgebhat, near Football Ground, Cavorim, Chandor, Goa, India View on Map