The beautiful land of Goa on the west coast of India is everyone's favourite, and integral to the soul of this place are the games played here. Most of the Goans have grown up playing these games, which are now getting rare and extinct. This thought has given rise to The Games of Goa festival, created by Dattaprasad Shetkar and Soul Travelling.

Main Theme:

The event focuses on preserving knowledge about the most exciting traditional Goan games. The audience will be able to play these games, and also win amazing prizes. 
The games village will consist of volunteers and experts who will help you play these games. Musical performances and refreshments will accompany.



  • Ticktem
  • Tablam
  • Faatraani
  • Vhiraani 


  • Logoriyo
  • Koindya-baal
  • Goddyaani
  • Raibet 


  • Video documentation
  • Trivia & Quiz
  • Challenaes & Scoreboard 
  • Biyaani
  • Khaambyaani
  • Waagaani 
  • Badyaani
  • Vodyaani
  • Bodyaani
  • Naallaani 

Games Arena

A Covered area for indoor games and open ground for outdoor games 
Volunteers to conduct and explain each game 
Screens and display boards for rules and videos 
Souvenirs and Merchandise associated with the games