Games of Goa

The enchanting land of Goa, nestled along the west coast of India, is a beloved destination for many. Central to its vibrant culture are the traditional games of Goa that have been a staple of Goan childhoods for generations. Unfortunately, these local games are slowly fading into obscurity. To combat this, Soul Travelling have launched The Games of Goa festival, an initiative to revive and celebrate these cherished Games of Goa.

Main Theme:

The festival's central theme is the preservation and dissemination of the joy associated with ancient Goan games. In addition to learning how to play these fascinating games, attendees will have the chance to win thrilling prizes.

An authentic and pleasurable experience will be guaranteed by the enthusiastic volunteers and qualified specialists who will lead the participants. Live musical performances and a variety of refreshments will enhance the celebrations, making it an enjoyable occasion for everyone.

Why Attend The Games of Goa Event

The Games of Goa festival is a cultural rebirth rather than only an event. By taking part, you guarantee that these age-old games will be enjoyed by future generations and help preserve Goan heritage. This festival offers a singular and immersive experience, full of enjoyment, education, and cultural enrichment, whether you're a native or just visiting. Come celebrate Goa's spirit via its games with us!

Games of Goa:


  • Ticktem
  • Tablam
  • Faatraani
  • Vhiraani 


  • Logoriyo
  • Koindya-baal
  • Goddyaani
  • Raibet 


  • Video documentation
  • Trivia & Quiz
  • Challenaes & Scoreboard 
  • Biyaani
  • Khaambyaani
  • Waagaani 
  • Badyaani
  • Vodyaani
  • Bodyaani
  • Naallaani 


FAQs About Games of Goa


What are the most popular traditional games of Goa?

Games such ticktem, tablam, faatraani, vhiraani, biyaani (Cashew Nuts), waagaani, logoriyo, koindya-baal, goddyaani, raibet, khaambyaani, badyaani, vodyaani, bodyaani (Goan hopscotch) and naallaani(Coconut Shells) are some of the most popular old traditional games of Goa.


Can we do the Games of Goa event for the corporates?

Yes, the Games of Goa event can be organized for business groups or corporates. It provides a distinctive and captivating experience suited for corporate events and team building.


Are there rewards for participating in Goan traditional games?

Yes, taking part in the Goan traditional games offered at the event will get you incredible rewards. Compete for thrilling prizes and put your talents to the test!


Are there age restrictions for participating in the Games of Goa event?

Anyone over the age of eight is eligible to attend the Games of Goa event. Under the supervision of regional specialists, players of all ages can partake in the joy and thrill of traditional Goan games.








Games Arena

A Covered area for indoor games and open ground for outdoor games 
Volunteers to conduct and explain each game 
Screens and display boards for rules and videos 
Souvenirs and Merchandise associated with the games