Trail Overview

In Mayan culture, ceremonies are an integral part of everyday life. Actually, in Mayan tradition "life" means "ceremony" – so there’s no difference between living and celebrating. Every day is here for us to be thankful for the gift of life and the beings sharing their presence with us. 

Experience a traditional Mayan ceremony live in your home. Either to cherish your love in a wedding or anniversary ceremony, or to appreciate your connection with your family or between a group of friends. The ceremony can also be a cleansing meditative ritual in times of change, inner turmoil or indecisiveness. Also, you can honor someone who passed away in this beautiful way and keep the soul of your loved one alive.

How it works


  • An altar will be set in a traditional way according to the intention of your ceremony. 

  • Before the session, your spiritual guide will explain the process of the ceremony to you. 

  • Enjoy the guided ceremony and be part of it with interactive rituals through the screen.

Ceremony types

Wedding, anniversary, friendship ceremony 
Celebrate your love for each other and reinforce your personal bond. Whether you are a couple, family or friends – cherish and strengthen your connection with an unforgettable experience: a traditional Mayan ceremony customized to your unique story.  

Cleansing, meditation ceremony
Purify your body and soul with a calming guided Mayan ritual. Just lay down, relax and follow the peaceful prayers of gratitude to cleanse your mind and feel recharged again. 

Memorial ceremony
Remember and honor a loved one or a person with an important part in your life, who already had to leave this world. You can also dedicate the ceremony to an animal that has been your companion or any dead being you like show your respect and love.

1 Hour Available on request Mexico
What we'll give. What we won't

What is NOT included in the tour

You will have to prepare

For wedding, anniversary, friendship ceremony 

  • 1 bowl of water

  • 1 empty bowl

  • 2 small empty bowls

  • Cacao and corn seeds or any other edible seeds (like beans, lentils, etc.)

For cleansing, meditation ceremony

  • 1 candle

  • 1 bowl of water

For memorial ceremony

  • Picture of the person or animal, who passed away

  • 1 candle

  • 1 bowl of water


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