Goans !! They take their food and the spirits seriously. It's all about the spots, the people, and the mood. These elixirs of life invoke all your senses. Emptying a quarter of the glass, you finally beat the scorching heat. Having a bite of a delicious authentic Goan food makes you forget your diet plans.

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Tavern Trail Panjim - Tour
  • Patto Colony, Goa
  • 3 Hours

Tavern Trail Panjim

₹ 1,299

Goans take their drinking seriously. It's all about the spots, the people, and the mood.  Not sprawled on the beach, guzzling beer after beer but enjoying the atmosphere, the warm people and the strong alcohol. We love our booze and we respect the legacy that our drinking spots hold for us. The turn-of-the-century taverns that have been standing strong, helping many a Goenkars nurse broken hearts and dreams. The familiar faces with raised glasses that greet you as you open the creaky door to your regular joint. The smell of food in the air and old songs playing on the radio nearby. The comfort of the tavern and its spirits will wash over your worries like a tonic. Swanky underground bars with dim lights and blaring music. Goans we love our 'cop' and we sure as hell know how to enjoy it. On this trail we walk through some of the rustic taverns of the Latin Quarter of Panjim where you will taste some of the local alcohol. Some of which have been blended into a cocktail. Each of the taverns have several interesting stories that give you a chance to feel like a true Goan at the end of a hard day. The experience is more about the taverns, the food and tasting the local alcohol. The Games and fun facts during the whole trail will keep you in your senses and ensure you are able to walk on your feet with memories to cherish as you head back. The trail is for locals as well as tourists. Not suitable for people under 21 years of age.