An Exclusive tour ---can either be a Day Experience or a Simple Walking Trail

(These are Exclusive tours, with a minimum no of guests requirement being 4, and can be conducted on order basis every day with prior notice of 24 hours)

A Walking Tour

Given that these are set in Goan villages or cities, a Walk promises a wealth of nature to let a soul traveler soak it all in. Along with that, it provides a profusion of stories that are steeped in history and interesting anecdotes that focus on life in a village. To top it all, there are also certain experiences that are offered which are unique to villages.

On an average, the trail is completed in 2-2.15 hours, with a total of 1-1.15 hours of walking.

One will find that it is a very enriching and memorable experience. Not only does it provide a break from the rut of city life by taking one close to nature, but it also evokes a sense of belonging to the land.


A Day Experience

This is something bigger than our walking trails, a tailored experience that could range from anything - a festival, a far off scenic village or multiple trails, mixed with a little bit of surprise.

It lasts for about half a day, around 5-6 hours and we make sure we keep you well-fed throughout this exalting experience.

Transport is usually included, maybe a bus or a car along with a little bit of walking.

You may even get to taste the amazing local authentic food and drinks on some of these experiences


The magnificent heritage homes that take the beauty of the Goan landscape to a whole new level, find themselves holding a special place in even' Goan's heart. 
Everyone wants to either live in one or dreams of living in one. Which stands true for anyone who catches a glimpse of these true works of art, to be honest. The sheer beauty and the grandiose structures of these heritage homes is what reels you in immediately. Sprawled across an impressive facade, painted in bright colours of yellow, blue, red, and white, these homes are not just beauty personified but are every Goan's pride. From the patent `balcaos' that adorn the parameters of the 111(10-Portu-guese houses, to the laterite `sopes' that line the edge of heritage Hindu homes, the tales that these dwellings chronicle will leave anyone mes-merized by its beauty. even the most cynical. Steeped in history and secrets that these places hold galore, making way for awe, then marvel, and then magic it evokes to the fore. Walk-ing in and out of the many rooms, taking in the majestic grandness, the skillfully carved furniture, and the embellishments, it's as though you've traveled back in time. With clothes and finery and sprawling spaces and every single thing truly so sublime.