An Exploration is something bigger than our walking trails, a tailored experience that could range from anything - a festival, a far off scenic village, a beautiful Island mixed with a little bit of surprise.

It lasts for about half a day, around 5-6 hours and we make sure we keep you well-fed throughout this exalting experience.

Transport is usually included, maybe a bus or a car along with a little bit of walking. You may even get to taste the amazing local authentic food and drinks on some of these experiences

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Houses of Goa Trail -Valpoi - Tour
  • Valpoi, Goa
  • 5 Hours 30 Minutes

Houses of Goa Trail -Valpoi

₹ 1,499

The Goan houses have their own charm - People have often misrepresented the architecture as being Portuguese architecture - but there is so much more to Goa than that. Each one of them has a story to tell - the reasons they were built the way they were, the rains they have witnessed and of course , the stories that took place there. We venture on a unique mission with our series on Houses of Goa - to decode these secrets.  Listen to the sound of ladies singing at the grinding stone while nachni nods in the noonday sun. Stories of love for the land and one of the only two temples dedicated to Shri Brahma the lord of creation. Enjoy a rustic meal fit for a king,  watch while a man makes brooms, utensils and things and enjoy the history of Goa through thatched hut and moving memories with writer and researcher Heta Pandit. About Heta Pandit:  Heta  has written 8 books on Goan heritage. Some of the titles are Houses of Goa, Master builders of Goa, Dust & Other Short Stories from Goa, Walking in Goa, Walking in Old Goa, Walking with Angels, a book on the churches of Goa. Her autobiography There’s More to Life Than a House in Goa was released at the Sixth Goa Art & Literature Festival. GRINDING STORIES, Songs from Goa (a translation of 26 stories sung over the grinding stone) was released at the Ninth edition of the Goa Art & Literature Festival in December 2018. Heta is currently the chairperson of Goa Heritage Action Group.